Printemps/Spring 2011

Snow Geese at Dusk

Oies Blanches a la Brunante

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Lundi 28 Mars 2011


Dropped the “common”, as far as I know there are no “uncommon” redpolls….

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Sunday March 27, 2011

Common Redpoll

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Saturday November Thirteenth


November thirteenth.

Two maple leaves, linked under the year’s first freeze.

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Jeudi 11 Novembre

Shadow Study - Mont Royal

The shadows cast by standing strength, lay among the fallen. Together.

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Un Matin de Novembre



I saw it slip away; the hope, the innocence, then finally, the light. She told me her name was Laetitia but I’m sure it was something more like Sylvie or Laurie. She was eighteen and from the Saguenay, “c’t’un trou” she said, and lifting her chin proudly with a measured dose of teenage defiance, followed with “le jour de mes dix-huit ans j’ai sacré le camp”. She would make it on her own she said. Nobody had ever given her anything she said. A few weeks here and she would have enough money to go to acting school in Montreal she said.

Over the next six months I watched her work the corner beneath my apartment. A car would drive by slowly and she would sidle up with feline grace to ask the driver if he wanted to ‘go out’. The scene repeated itself endlessly, only the cars changed. After a few days she stopped asking me if I wanted to ‘go out’ and we would chat for a minute, she would bum a cigarette, never looking me in the eyes always watching the street behind me. After a few weeks, maybe a month, we no longer chatted, she would bum a smoke and I would watch her walk down the sidewalk, former feline grace replaced with a twitching prowl. I’d seen it before, the cocaine was doing its thing, turning her into a caricature of her former self.
I saw it slip away. The light was gone from her eyes then I never saw her again. After Laetitia it was Tiffany, then Sasha, Ariane, Josée…the city, the corner where I lived, had an endless appetite for youthful dreams, it preyed and fed on light.

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Le Quatre Novembre

Blue Bubbles on Gold

I was organizing my image files when I came across this picture. Where do I file it? Abstract? Landscape? Nature? Do I create a ‘Bubbles’ file?


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November Third

Marsh Morning

En contraste avec les couleurs vives des lampes chinoises, cette scène quasi-monochrome en est quand même une de paix. Prise au mois d’Avril dernier mais je la trouve appropriée pour le mois de Novembre…

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November 1st

Ford Panel Van Hood Ornament

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