Mont Rigaud – Birder’s Dream

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

About a year ago, at Oka park, I spotted my first ever rose-breasted grosbeak. I was taking pictures with my macro lens when movement overhead drew my attention. Wow! With my eye on him and his on me, I fumbled for my telephoto lens, removed the macro lens, then quickly attached the long lens, brought it to my eye and watched the beautiful bird flutter off into the woods. Not a single frame fired. I sat for a while, put the camera on the tripod aimed at the spot he had perched, and I waited, hoping  he would return. He didn’t.

I have seen so many of these beautiful Grosbeaks in the past two weeks that I don’t even flinch anymore…


About Pierre Dunant

Passionate about nature, philosophy and learning, photography has been the one constant in my ever changing life.
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